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“The best way to predict future is to create it.”
- Peter Drucker

WordPress Workshop

Practical Workshop: build your own WordPress website in 2 days

Is 2023 the year that you will finally refresh your existing website or build a new website?

Have you been procrastinating with your website because you never have the time, or because the idea of handing over £1000-£5000 to someone you don’t know, to create a marketing tool that you don’t know how to use, is off-putting? Would you like the quieter days of mid-December to mid-January to think more strategically about your marketing and apply that thinking to get your website sorted out?

If the answer is yes, I’d love to help you. As a communication specialist and WordPress expert, I know a thing or two about how to ask you the right questions to help you define and/or refine your marketing thinking. As a writer, I know how to help you thinking strategically about your content – what works for humans AND the search engines. And as a recovering creative director and WordPress-lover, I can help you learn how to use WordPress to build a website that is easy to use, easy to update, and easy on the eye.

You’ll not only get your messaging, content, and website in place, but you’ll have a better idea of your marketing goals for the coming months AND you will know how to manage your website as your business evolves and changes, which is sure to save you time and money in the coming months and years.

This is an online workshop that will take place using Zoom over four well-paced sessions with lots of breaks and time for individual work and thinking.

Curious? Here's what the workshop covers:

  • Audience and messaging
  • How to create compelling content that your customers AND search engines love
  • How to plan your website
  • How to find and work with images
  • What WordPress is and how to use it
  • What you need for your website to work (hosting, domain name and more)
  • How to use WordPress (posts, pages, plugins, media, SEO, backups, and more!)
  • Designing your website
  • Building your website in WordPress
  • Optimising your website for the search engines
  • Going live and telling the world about your new site

All over the course of two days, delivered over four sessions with space between each session to give you time to think.

Each workshop combines a little bit of theory, lots of hands-on practice, individual and group work, time to work on exercises alone, time to share and get feedback, opportunities to get answers to questions specific to you, your business and your website, AND breaks to keep you fresh and engaged.

You’ll also receive:

  • Useful question sheets to challenge your thinking and get your creative and strategic juices flowing
  • Guidelines to help you write good content and optimise it for search engines
  • Templates for planning content, your website structure, and your key pages
  • Expert insights into what providers, tools and plugins to use
  • Shortcuts and tips to make your life easier
  • Individual support and mentoring during each session, as well as the ability to ask questions between sessions via email

And when you are ready to go live, I’ll work with you one-on-one to make sure that you have all the right technical “stuff” in place, then I’ll move your completed website to your hosting and make it “live” for you.

No website, hosting or domain? No problem. We won’t be working on your live website, even if you have one. I’ll provide you with a dedicated testing area for the workshop, where you’ll design and develop your website. It will be available during the workshop and for a full month from the workshop end, too.

Group size? InvestmentDates

A small group = loads of personal support

Each course is limited to a maximum of 6 participants to make sure that you get loads of personal attention from me, and also to give you a chance to share your ideas, content and design in a safe space, with people who are in the same/similar situation as you. You’ll have an opportunity to ask your fellow participants (and me!) for feedback, offer feedback of your own, and benefit from sharing ideas, experiences, questions and insights.

Think of the workshop as a place where you not only create your own website, but where you have a personal review team to help you iron out any potential problems along the way, too.

If we have a smaller group, that's not a problem. We'll adjust the live sessions to cope with the number of participants - fewer participants means more individual support and focus, which means that we may reduce the live sessions to accomodate this. Whatever happens, we'll still go ahead, even if if that you receive a one-to-one workshop.

InvestmentDates Book your place

So what are the costs?

The biggest cost for you will be time. You’ll need to commit to investing time in four live-and-online sessions (16 hours including breaks), and you will probably spend another 2 or more hours working on your own between sessions. By “working on your own”, I mean the time that you will spend thinking, playing with content, finding images, tinkering with your website, reviewing competitors to see what they are doing and so on. (In all honestly, a lot of the “working on your own” is something that you would  have to do if you decided to work with a website designer, too.)

But when you ask about costs, you’re probably thinking about MONEY.

I charge £600+VAT per person.

That’s it. There are no hidden costs on my end.

For that, you’ll get clearer about your messaging and marketing goals, plus you’ll learn how to plan and build a website, plus you’ll get lots of input from fellow participants, and you’ll have a shiny new website to take you forward in 2023.

Other potential costs to bear in mind include purchasing hosting and a domain name. I can make some suggestions about who to use and even help you set things up if you get stuck, although the final decision about which provide you use is up to you. In terms of costs, this will add another +-£100 per year for hosting, plus another +-£15 per year for a domain name.

In contrast, most website designers will charge you in the region of £1000 to £5000 to design and develop a website for you, without all the extra support I provide relating to messaging, content, planning and structure, and without the opportunity to work in a group, with all the benefits that this entails.

Dates & bookingAbout your trainer

Available dates

Mornings: 8am-12pm GMT - starting 12 December 2022
Monday, 12 December | Wednesday, 14 December | Monday, 19 December | Wednesday, 21 December

Afternoons: 1pm-5pm GMT - starting 20 December 2022
Tuesday 20 December | Thursday 22 December |Tuesday, 27 December |Thursday, 29 December

Book your placeAbout your trainer

Sounds great, but who are YOU!?

Good question. My name is Suzanne and I am a communication specialist. Since 2004, I have been crafting brands, designing websites, writing copy, and executing marketing campaigns for businesses of all shapes and sizes, first as the owner and creative director of an agency, then as a WordPress trainer, and now as sustainability communicator.

I hesitate to use the word "expert" to describe what I do, but let's use it anyway: I am an "expert" at planning messages, designing websites, writing content, and building WordPress websites, but I have been doing this work for an awfully long time, and there isn’t much I don’t know about how to create a website that is clear, easy to use, and beautiful, too.

I work with many large businesses in my sustainability work, however I have a soft spot for small business owners, freelancers, consultants, trainers, and individuals who want to take the plunge and start a business or project of their own. With that in mind, I work with a handful of individuals and businesses each year, helping them with all aspects of their communication. I also offer a few practical courses throughout the year, one of which is the Build Your Own WordPress Website in Two Days workshop.

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Suzanne Whitby

writer. communicator. storyteller.

End results

Some examples of what workshop participants have created.

Online WordPress Workshop: Build your own website
Online WordPress Workshop: Build your own website
Online WordPress Workshop: Build your own website
Online WordPress Workshop: Build your own website
Online WordPress Workshop: Build your own website
Online WordPress Workshop: Build your own website