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Suzanne Whitby: about

Suzanne Whitby is a proud South African, living with her Tirolean husband in beautiful Innsbruck. In her twenty-something years of travelling the globe, she has lived in 6 countries on 4 continents and worked with people around the world.

Suzanne has a passion for people, planet, and sustainability. Professionally, she is a communication specialist with +-20 years of experience in just about every aspect of communication. She trains scientists and researchers how to communicate their work at SciComm Success. As a communication specialist, she facilitates conversations, brings people together, and runs communication workshops in her consultancy, Whitby’s Global.

She has a (not-so-) secret life as a performance storyteller and she put on storytelling shows a couple of evenings a month, always live-and-in-person, and almost always for adult audiences.

In her spare time she is studying towards her Phd, working at the intersection of ancient history, the senses, and communication, and she explores visual communication, sensescapes, and the classics over at Sensescapes.

Suzanne is a firm believer in the power of people, communication, and conversations to change the world, and she organises regular events to connect, challenge, inspire, and encourage action.

Say cheese: press photos

Every now and again, people ask for photos and headshots for interviews and events. Here you go!

Suzanne Whitby Press Photos
Suzanne Whitby Press Photos
Suzanne Whitby Press Photos
Suzanne Whitby Press Photos

In her own words: on a personal note…

Avid reader, fish-hugger, ENFP bordering INFP, scuba diver, star gazer, storyteller, writer, classicist, vegetarian, multiplier, starter, and morning person.

Love walking barefoot, jumping in puddles, losing myself in a good book, bringing people together, throwing parties, cycling around town in a sundress and a big hat, drinking wine, history, vivid colours, cooking up a storm, the ocean, birdsong, basil, writing, illustrating, walking (not hiking), people-watching, tea, playing with words, paying it forward, growing chillies, making natural cosmetics, telling stories and finding sustainable ways to travel the world…

Working hard to tread lightly on the earth and to do the right thing for people and the planet.

Sometimes I succeed…