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Community, communication, climate change, and a lot of curiosity…

Well, hello there! I am a facilitator for future who works with organisations facing today’s sustainability challenges; a climate change communicator; and a communication specialist who teaches interpersonal, practical, and science communication skills.

I am a professional performance storyteller when time allows, and am a “senstory” scholar, researching the intersection of stories, the senses, and heritage spaces in the context of environmental communication. Phew!

I occasionally run events and workshops relating to creativity, communication, climate, and curiosity, produce the the tiny mindful podcast, and sometimes I Walk the Tortoise.

Made in South Africa, based in Innsbruck, occasionally on Twitter @suzannewhitby.


What if public transportation was free & effective?

What if public transportation was free & effective?

A short reflective post today. My husband and I have a conversation about transportation periodically. It goes like this: Me: "Why can't we make all public transportation free in Tirol, and simply tax vehicle drivers so much (with exceptions for special cases - yes,...

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