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Hi, my name is Suzanne Whitby and I’m an endlessly-curious optimist obsessed with communication, climate, communities, conversations, and creativity.

That’s a lot of Cs! So what do you do with them all?

Professionally, I am a communication trainer, professional facilitator, and climate and environmental communicator and I run a few businesses where I offer my services.

Communication training, facilitation, and what?

Climate and environmental communication. I run workshops, give talks, write a bit, and do what I can to raise awareness of future challenges. I think that that there is a chance that the future can be bright if we all get off our posteriors and do something.

Got it. What about the creativity bit?

I am a traditional oral storyteller and a writer and a consumer of books, and I’m interested in scents and perfume making, and uke playing. But frankly, if I start talking about all this, we’ll be here all day.

Okay, let’s focus. Storytelling and scents. Tell me more.

I tell traditional tales to mostly adult audiences as Ziyadliwa (yes, there’s a story in that). And I’m interested in the sensorium. I researched olfactory experiences in the ancient world in my MA and am pursuing that further in a PhD that I am doing on the side. I do a bit of group sensory work, too.

Right. So let me get this straight: you’re a communication trainer, facilitator and storyteller who talks about climate, writes stuff, plays music and is interested in sensory research?

Yup, that about sums it up. Oh, and don’t forget community. I like bringing people together, in “real” spaces and online. I think conversations and community can change the world.

Okay. I think I’ve got it. You’re a communication trainer, facilitator, and storyteller who talks about climate, writes stuff, plays music, researches the sensorium and runs events that bring people together for good conversations. How’s that?