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Community, communication, climate change, and a lot of curiosity…

Well, hello there! I am a facilitator for future who works with organisations facing today’s sustainability challenges; a climate change communicator; and a communication specialist who teaches interpersonal, practical, and science communication skills.

I am a professional performance storyteller when time allows, and am a “senstory” scholar, researching the intersection of stories, the senses, and heritage spaces in the context of environmental communication. Phew!

I occasionally run events and workshops relating to creativity, communication, climate, and curiosity, produce the the tiny mindful podcast, and sometimes I Walk the Tortoise.

Made in South Africa, based in Innsbruck, occasionally on Twitter @suzannewhitby.


Look UP! That’s what I am taking from “Don’t look up”.

Look UP! That’s what I am taking from “Don’t look up”.

I am privileged to be able to spend my days working with scientists who want to learn how to turn their academic findings into information that the “general public” can understand and hopefully act upon. Many of the people I coach and train are natural scientists who...

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