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An Austria with less snow: what are the impacts?

Warmer, drier summers. More precipitation and less snowfall in winter. That’s what climate experts are expecting in Austria if we don’t sort out the problem. So what are the impacts for Austria and in particular, the ski resorts? Here’s a short thought experiment.

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Let’s have faith in reality and humanity, not the tired hopes of modernity

“With the environmental crisis, it’s too late for humanity to get an A-grade. It might even be too late to pass. However, to try to do as best we can, while not ruining our lives in the process, makes sense to many of us. We don’t give up because we won’t get an A-grade or because we might not even pass. We keep trying because it feels right to do so. But the way we will keep trying doesn’t mean ruining our life, or that of others, in the meantime.” – Professor Jem Bendell

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Sustainability meets heritage: powering heritage buildings with solar electricity is a no-brainer

On an extended trip to Italy, hotel and business owners told me time and again of the dramatically increasing electricity costs and their struggle to survive and thrive in challenging times. Italy is a country of glorious sunshine, so why isn’t the country embracing solar electricity and installing solar panels on every available roof? The “protected status” of heritage buildings means that getting permission to install PV panels is a challenge, but does this make sense—in Italy and elsewhere—when generating clean energy and getting rid of “dirty” energy is so important for people and the planet?

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Aligning values with your recruitment process

If your corporate or brand values involve anything to do with “caring about your people”, then you should care enough to tell potential employees when a job has been awarded to someone other than them. If you can’t be bothered to do this, then I question how much you really DO care about people and whether your brand values are nothing more than “blah, blah, blah” for your website and corporate image.

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Using framing to unlock change

Research into the science of framing and how it can help us to be heard and understood. When we change the story and how we tell it, we can change the world. [Fran mentioned this in Storytell.] #framing #conversations #facilitation #scicomm #climate

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What if public transportation was free & effective?

A short reflective post today. My husband and I have a conversation about transportation periodically. It goes like this: Me: "Why can't we make all public transportation free in Tirol, and simply tax vehicle drivers so much (with exceptions for special cases - yes, to be discussed!!) that it only makes sense to catch the train or the bus?" Him: "Who will pay for it?" Me: "Well, initially the car drivers, of course." Him: "The infrastructure isn't there. If everyone used public transport, we'd...

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