After a successful career in the corporate world, I “threw it all in” to start my own business in 2004 and I’ve not looked back since. I am now a serial entrepreneur, happily pursuing a portfolio career that allows me to combine my experience and expertise in communication, storytelling, and training with a dash of “Suzanne-magic” from my base in Innsbruck.

How I can help

Communication consulting for corporates

International communication strategy, implementation, training and knowledge transfer for businesses and individuals who need to reach and resonate with global audiences in English.

Science communication training & coaching

Science communication training, workshops and events that help scientists and researchers communicate their science clearly and compellingly to non-expert audiences.

Storytelling shows & performances

Original storytelling shows featuring epic tales, folktales, myths and legends, as well as custom-designed oral performances that combine history, science and true stories for museums and cultural organisations.

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Need help with something else?

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