Suzanne Whitby

Communication Specialist & Trainer

Whatever we do in life, we are communicating. From the clothes that we wear and the gestures we make to the presentations that we deliver, the social media posts that we share, and the conversations that we have.

Great communication is a secret power, and best of all, communication skills can be learned, practised, and improved. With 20 years of working as a communication consultant in six countries and four continents, a degree in language and linguistics, and another one on non-verbal communication underway, along with years of stage experience as a performer, Suzanne Whitby knows a thing or two about communication.

Her communication skills training programmes combine the most up-to-date research, practical experience, and her years of immersion in the field of communication to help individuals and businesses become clear, concise, and compelling communicators.

What Suzanne does


Communication Programmes

Tailored communication training programmes for individuals, businesses, and academics.

Short seminars

Short “learn at lunch” communication skills training that participants can use immediately.

Keynotes, talks & lectures

Spice up any event with an engaging keynote or talk that has actionable take-aways.

Consulting & support

Helping businesses take their international communication to the next level.

Work with Suzanne

Suzanne offers her training and communication services to individuals and businesses at Whitbys and to academics and scientific organisations at SciComm Success. Visit these to learn more, or get in touch for a chat.

Whitbys / Communication skills training & coaching for global businesses and professions who work internatioanally
SciComm Success / Communication skills training & coaching for researchers, academics, and scientists

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