Suzanne Whitby

Communication Specialist

Effective communication is a super power!

By using the right words in the right way and paying attention to non-verbal cues, you can change minds, set hearts afire, and perhaps even change the world. Everything that I do is designed to help other people improve their communication: verbal, written, or visual, delivered online, on stage, or in person.

How can I help you?

Here are the ways we can work together

Science Communication Training

Communicating results is a key part of being a scientist or a researcher, but explaining results in a way that non-experts can understand can be tough.

At Whitbys I work with clever people around the globe, helping them share their research clearly, consistently, and accurately.

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Communication Skills Training

I’ve been helping people from all backgrounds become better communicators since 2010. If you think that you or your team might benefit from individual communication skills coaching or a tailored course, I can help,

My areas of expertise include:

  • Presentation skills, public speaking, and media training
  • Using stories and narrative to create powerful messages
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Effective writing
  • Online skills – social media, blogging, using WordPress and other tools. Yes, this is all communication!

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People often do a double-take when I tell them that I am a professional oral storyteller, and immediately ask what books I read. I don’t read books (well, not when I’m telling stories!) I do extensive research into folktales, myths, legends, and historical tales, then I breathe life into them and retell them for adult audiences.

I create unique storytelling programmes (a bit like one-woman theatre), but I also work with individuals and small groups, running training and coaching programmes to help people dig deeper into stories to uncover hidden meanings, and to uncover and tell their own stories. It’s powerful work and the outcomes are different for everyone.

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Voice Overs, Narration, Radio

I love doing voice work, although I do it standing up so that my whole body can help me convey the right message! Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to be the voice of:

  • radio and podcast advertisements
  • explainer videos
  • office messages
  • digital business training programmes
  • audio books

I’m a native English speaker with neutral accent, and my voice has been described as warm, credible, and clear.

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Websites & WordPress

I ran a successful creative communication agency for 13 years before deciding to focus on communication skills training. Over the years, I’ve built hundreds of websites and taught 500+ people how to use WordPress.

I run occasional WordPress courses to teach people how to use WordPress and build their own websites. In addition, I work with handful of people and businesses who want me to work them through the process of uncovering their online strategy and goals, and then work with them to create an effective online present (including a shiny, new website that they can manage themselves).

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I have been privileged to mentor a number of people over the years and it’s something that I love doing. I only work with a few people at any one time because mentoring – or my style of mentoring! – means giving my mentee everything that I have to give. That means that I’ll be generous with my experience AND expertise, and you can expect to be challenged, motivated, inspired, and held accountable in working towards your goals.

Whether you need help with the “head stuff” only, or whether you’d also like me to help you practically – for example, helping you improve your communication, build a business, build a website, create a logo, tell a story, and so on – I can help.

For mentorship to work, we need to have a connection.

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Professional background

Suzanne Whitby has 20+ years of experience working in communication roles in six countries and four continents.

For several years she worked in the corporate world managing multi-million pound projects with diverse teams dotted around the globe, but eventually decided that she wanted something more from her career, and left to start her own business in 2003. Future Makers was a creative communication agency that helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profits communicate clearly using a range of communication channels and tools, and it operated on three continents, serving hundreds of clients.

In 2009, Suzanne turned her understanding of working internationally into a training company specialising in cross-cultural communication, which soon expanded into a communication skills training firm, Whitbys. Over the years, her client base changed and as she became more interested in science and research, she began to specialise in helping scientists and researchers communicate their work with non-experts. In 2016, she sold Future Makers so that she could focus exclusively on working with science and research organisations, and that remains her primary focus today.


On the “side”, Suzanne is a performance storyeller. Her many years of working with communication in all its forms, her degree in language and linguistics, and her stage experience means that she knows a thing or two about communication, and she loves nothing more than exploring how to make communication better – online, face-to-face, and on stage.

Her science and research communication programmes combine the most up-to-date research, practical experience, and her years of immersion in the field of communication to help clever people become clear, concise, and compelling communicators. She is believe in the power of people and community and she organises numerous online and offline events to bring people together, get them talking, and fostering understanding.