I write tens of thousands of words a week for clients, but in my own time, I research and write articles about topics that intrigue me, illustrate and write children’s books, and occasionally, I blog.

My blog is a reflection of me, so covers whatever takes my interest at the time of writing. Generally speaking, I try to focus on storytelling, communication, connection, sustainability and living deliberately, Africa, reading and literacy, science, and occasionally I’ll get lost in a good book (review).

Ponte: tower of dreams

In 1975, the Ponte tower in Johannesburg’s Berea was sparkling and new and highly desirable. Its 464 apartments were 90% let, including the one- and two-bedroomed luxury flats on floors 41-46; the luxury three-bedroomed flats on floors 47-50; and  the ultra-luxury...

In Defence of Open-Mindedness

Last week, we stayed in a lovely B&B in a medieval town called Dürnstein in Lower Austria. The people were wonderful, the food delicious, the wine even better but the weather… Meh. It could have been better, especially considering that my winter and cold-weather...

Literacy first, please

I’m a big supporter of literacy projects, whatever the language, and whilst oral storytelling imparts a number of literacy skills, the ability to actually read is fundamental, and often something that readers take for granted. With literacy in mind, I thought I’d...

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