Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…

A proud South African, living with my proud Tirolean husband in beautiful Innsbruck. I do lots of things for work and at play, which is just as well otherwise I’d die of boredom!

In my twenty-something years of travelling the globe, I’ve settled down to live and work in 6 countries on 4 continents.

I have worked in the arts world, the corporate world and the academic world. I’ve founded startups in pyjamas, run them in fancy suits, published a book, turned my back on a thriving business in order to try something new, and now I’m happily pursuing a career as a communication specialist that allows me to put my unusual set of skills and experiences and passions to work in different combinations.

I rather enjoy sharing skills so I also teach WordPress courses, “How to WOW” workshops, and other random things that I know about. I am a performance storyteller, too, and I put on storytelling shows a couple of evenings a month.

My interests are many and varied and I talk about them in my blog when time allows. I believe in people, and spend a lot of time and energy bringing them together to connect – socially and for professional reasons. I run a number of events throughout the year that tie into my varied life, too.

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