A proud South African, living with my proud Tirolean husband in beautiful Innsbruck. I do lots of things at work and at play, which is a good thing just as well otherwise I’d die of boredom.

Here’s a quick introduction to me. If you think that there’s a useful conversation to be had, let’s go for cocktails.

If you want to learn more about how I can help professionally, let’s go for cocktails take a look about what what I do work-wise.

In brief

In my twenty-something years of travelling the globe, I’ve settled down to live and work 6 countries on 4 continents.

I have worked in the arts world, in the corporate world and the academic world. I’ve founded startups in pyjamas, run them in fancy suits, published a book, turned my back on a thriving business in order to try something new, and now I’m happily pursuing a portfolio career that allows me to put my unusual set of skills and experience to work in different combinations.

As a communication specialist, I work as a marketing and communication consultant for corporates, a science communication trainer for scientists, and a communication skills trainer for individuals and groups. I am also a professional oral storyteller, a voice over artist, a mentor-coach-trainer for people who want to start something new, and occasionally I teach people how to use WordPress.

If you’re interested in what I do professionally or want to work with me, this is where you need to be.

On a personal note

Avid reader, fish-hugger, ENFP bordering INFP, scuba diver, star gazer, storyteller, writer, and morning person. Love walking barefoot, jumping in puddles, losing myself in a good book, bringing people together, throwing parties, cycling around town in a sundress and a big hat, drinking wine, history, vivid colours, cooking up a storm, the ocean, birdsong, basil, writing, walking (not hiking), people watching, tea, playing with words, growing chillies, telling stories and hopping on a train, plane, or other mode of transportation to travel just about anywhere.

Current Projects

Innsbruck Internationals

I run a “meet in real-life” community for people who are new to Innsbruck and who have an interest in meeting others with an open mind, locals and internationals.

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Wyrd’s Cave

“Wyrd” is an old English world that means “fate”, and in her cave, I’ve been fortunate enough to uncover curious folktales, which I tell; odd stories, which I read; and the occasional poem, which I share. A podcast of found words.

[Under development]


Peak to Deep

I run a small ocean-awareness organisation, raising awareness about ocean sustainability, challenging people to think differently, and promoting the idea of “less is more”.

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Good morning, Innsbruck

A monthly before-work dance party with happy music. At the moment, my happy music is 1920s I’ve talked about this to a few people, most of whom gasp when I say that it would start at 6am, maybe with yoga, then the dance party would start at 6:30am, go until 7:30am, and that’s it. I might have a teacher and I might have a studio: let’s see what happens.

[Under development]



Science is thrilling – if you have a scientist around who will break it down into to language that non-experts can understand! SciBar is a monthly event that I organise (one month English, one month German) to give scientists a chance to share their science with non-scientists, in a relaxed setting (a bar), and reach a wider audience.

[Under development]


The Wonder Emporium

Reading and literacy are passions of mine, and The Wonder Emporium is a live reading event that I’m organising on a monthly basis – it’s an opportunity for people to lose themselves in a good (English) book, without having to actually read. I read from three different books to cater to young children, teens, and adults.

[Under development]


Fancy a chat?

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