I meet people all the time, from all over the world, who want to start something new – a new business, a new community group, a new blog, a new event, a new career, a new “them”. The problem is that they don’t know where to start, or if they have some ideas, they simply can’t motivate themselves to DO it.

I am the ultimate starter. I try everything, and yes, sometimes I fail but that doesn’t stop me. If you want to start something and need accountability, inspiration, or practical support to help you get going, I offer 1-to-1 coaching and consulting to help you do just that. 

Stop dreaming. Start doing. Let me help you #startsomething.

Ideas, accountability, inspiration

You’re ready to #startsomething: a new business, a new community, a new book, a new career, a blog, a website, a “new you”. Whatever it is, you’re clear about what you want to start but you have no idea how to turn your idea into reality.

OR: perhaps you’ve tried to get your idea off the ground but you’ve failed and you’re feeling defeated.

OR: perhaps your idea is more or less there but it’s a bit rough and you want to brainstorm with someone who will give you honest input as well as ideas and new perspectives.

OR: perhaps you’ve started working on you idea, but you need someone who can motivate you to keep going – by giving you feedback, inspiration, and perhaps the occasional kick-up-the-rear!

If you’re nodding at any of the above, my #startsomething “Catalyst” sessions might be just what you need.

Practical support (a.k.a “getting sh*t done”)

Your idea is mature and you’re ready to launch but… you don’t know how. Or maybe you know how, but you don’t have the time. Or perhaps you’re not sure but you’d like to learn.

Let me help you. For 20+ years I worked in communication field, both as a communication skills trainer and coach, and as a marketing and communications strategist. I can help you work out how to get your idea “out there” – whether you need help planning an event, writing a press release, building a brand, creating a website, becoming a social media guru, or giving a presentation, I can put my experience and expertise to work. And if you want to learn how to do this yourself, I can train you as we go so that you’re building your skills at the same time!

If you’re ready to #startsomething, take advantage of my practical support and let’s get “sh*t” done – together.

Book a free taster session

If you’d like to explore what’s possible, get in touch to book your free 1-hour taster session and we’ll see what happens from there.