Oral Storyteller

Once upon a time, before we had iPhones and Netflix and Audible and even those archaic things known as “books”, we had evenings filled with storytelling. Not the storytelling we all know and love – like sitting around the dinner table telling stories about our lives, but rather something akin to theatre, with a designated storyteller telling tales from near and far.

I’m the latter kind of storyteller. An oral storyteller.

I give live performances at a range of venues, telling folk tales, traditional stories, myths and legends from across the globe. I also develop custom storytelling programmes for cultural and business events, run regular story walks in Innsbruck, and I teach “story making” in schools and universities. And for the time being, I only tell stories in English (although I could tell in German if required).

I even have a stage name! Ziyadliwa. For the story behind that, visit www.ziyadliwa.com.

Fancy a chat? Send me a note.

“I had no idea what to expect from an evening of oral storytelling. Who knew that I’d become an addict! When Suzanne / Ziyadliwa gets onto the stage, the atmosphere of the room changes and you know you’re in for something special. And you won’t be wrong. Love every moment of every show – thank you!” – Marny Smith

“Finding a live performance in English in Innsbruck isn’t an everyday occurrence and Ziyadliwa’s monthly storytelling “theatre” shows are a treat. I always leave her productions with a spring in my step and thoughts whirling around in my head. Her shows are a brilliant evening out – even better because they’re very affordable indeed.” – Amanda Viljoen