Living Innsbruck

I’m a big fan of transition and for a number of years, I’ve been coming up with original ideas (that many other people have had over the years, so it turns out!) to make the place where I live “better”. By better, I mean more neighbourly, more community oriented, more aware of our impact on each other and the environment, more aware of our wider impact and so on.

Life is busy, however, and as much as I’d love to throw myself into the world of making a positive impact on people and the planet, I have to earn a living.

So after some thought, I decided that a starting point might be to create a platform where people living in and around Innsbruck (I randomly chose Innsbruck + 50km to start with) could find groups that they could join, local events and projects that they could get involved in.

The result is Living Innsbruck. It’s three months old now and growing slowly, but steadily. It’s a labour of love and an experiment that takes quite a lot of time, but we’ll give it a year and see what happens!

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