The red thread

As diverse as all of these different activities might
appear at first glance, there are two red threads that
connect them all: storytelling and communication.

A bit about what Suzanne does

Oral Storyteller & Performance Artist

Suzanne is a professional oral storyteller. Yes, this is a career choice! She develops custom storytelling performances, and tells folktales myths, legends and stories drawn from history (and sometimes the probable future!) to adult audiences and to children in English.

She tell stories in all sorts of places, including theatres and festival stages, coffee shops and cellar bars, schools and libraries, museums and botanical gardens - anywhere where there are listens open to hearing wise, wonderful and witty tales.

As storyteller Ziyadliwa, she runs a regular audio story podcast at The Keeper of Lost Tales, and offers walks with stories in and around Innsbruck in the summer months at Story Walks.

Voice Over Artist

Suzanne is a trained voice over artist, working exclusively in English. She narrates audio books, museum tours, guided walks, documentaries, and elearning programmes. She also provides female voice over for games, commercials, telephony and explainer videos.

Her voice has been described by producers as mellifluous and articulate, with an accent that lends itself to a variety of cultured productions.

High praise indeed!

If you'd like to listen examples of her voice over work, or invite her to audition for a project, pop over to her voice over website, Mellifluous.

Communications Trainer

Suzanne is a communications trainer and coach who works with individuals, academics non-profits and businesses improve how people interact with the world and with each other. Her training approach is to start with the story in mind and build on her experience and expertise in delivering training to individuals and groups over the last 20 years.

Training sessions can take place in large groups, small teams or even one-on-one, and can be delivered as a one or two day programme, an hour-long seminar, a talk, or as a half-day breakout session for conferences.

She offers:

  • Presentation skills training
  • Public speaking training
  • Presentation skills and public speaking training for non-native English speakers
  • Storytelling training
  • Global English training
  • Cultural intelligence training

Marketing & creative professional

From performing and training to something a bit different: helping non-profits, entrepreneurs and businesses uncover the story behind their initiatives and then tell their stories through brands, websites, design, digital storytelling and marketing.

Suzanne offers her clients technical know-how, creative expertise, marketing savvy, good business sense and the innate ability to bring ideas to life and share them through storytelling.

Her creative agency offers a range of services including brainstorming and strategy, branding, website design and development, content writing and editing, graphic design, social media support, digital storytelling and marketing.

See her work over at Whitby's.

English Literacy Champion

Suzanne runs an English literacy programme for children and teens in Tirol called "Dame Readalot". The programme, which offers classes for native and non-native English speakers, uses reading as a springboard to help children develop English vocabulary, listening and literacy skills as well as the ability to use their imagination to write and speak and create - in English!


Suzanne is available for talks and keynote speeches about her areas of expertise, including:

  • Storytelling
  • Powerful Presenting
  • Communication
  • Building a brand
  • Creating a portfolio career in changing times
  • The importance of reading and reading aloud
  • The blue planet and sustainability

Sharing cups of tea

In her free time, Suzanne can be found devouring books, writing,
illustrating, entertaining, playing the ukulele, learning
to play guitar, and living a simple, sustainable and deliberate

She also creates communities where people can meet up face to face.
In Innsbruck, she runs