Frauen Power

Having lived in Innsbruck on and off, dividing my time between being in the UK, USA and South Africa with my time in Austria, I’ve noticed an increasing number of women who want to start their own businesses. Sometimes they are side businesses to a full time job. Sometimes they are businesses that come to life because of a change in life – marriage, birth, death, caring duties. And sometimes it’s just time to do something new.

I’m a huge fan of women taking control of their careers and starting projects and businesses. Women in business contribure

Unfortunately, I’ve not found much in the way of support for women who want to start something new – not even through the state-sponsored woman’s chamber of commerce!

I’m a big believer in the motto “if it doesn’t exist, create it!” and so Frauen Power was born.

The original idea has needed some tweaking, thanks to the licensing laws in Austria that tend to stifle rather than encourage startups (see my blog for my thoughts on this), but it’s hard to keep a good idea down!

You can learn more about Frauen Power here, or get in touch if you’d like to have a chat.

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