Building communities

We’re all individuals but we seem to be capable of doing so much more in groups. We can make positive change happen, we can make ourselves and others happy, we can be part of something, we can come up with new ideas and we can overturn bad ones.

Finding real-live groups and communities to join isn’t always that easy, though, especially if you move around a bit, or if you don’t conform to the norm, or they don’t exist, or you’re too old-young-white-black-local-foreign-you-name-it… And not everyone wants to start or run groups.

I do, though. Here are some of the groups I run in Innsbruck – all welcome! You might also want to take a peek at Frauen Power (if you’re a woman in Tirol wanting to start or grow a business, or a woman in business in Tirol) and Living Innsbruck (where you can find local groups and communities as well as local events).

  • Innsbruck Internationals
  • Innsbruck Meet & Eat

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