A 28-day Challenge – Day 3


Today felt like a day of doing lots of different things but not really doing anything. And it was cold – so cold that at 11am I retreated to the bed with my story books to plan the programme for the 6-12 class on Monday, then to the bath…

So how did day 3 pan out?

Lose 15kgs:
I think I need to produce more juice. I juiced around 700ml of juice, which I dilute to around 1 litre, and contrary to popular rules of always juicing fresh juice (who has the time to clean the juicer three times a day?), I do this at around 10am to last for the day. I drank the full complement, and added a delicious omelette and salad to the mix with a bit of biltong. In the evening, if I am 100% honest, I didn’t need the food as I wasn’t hungry, but I rather stubbornly had it anyway. So! A HUGE habit to break.

Repaint my bicycle and ride it everywhere:
No news.

Play the ukulele for 15 minutes a day – maybe longer!
Yes, and today I focuses on learning a few new strumming patterns and simply practised moving between chords whilst trying to maintain the strum. This is not as easy as I expected and I think it needs more work.

Play the guitar for 15 minutes a day – maybe longer!
I didn’t touch the guitar today.

Write daily – the aim being to complete, finally, the first draft of one of my ideas for a children’s book
Yes, but only for work, I fear.

Publish 2 or more podcasts a week (story podcasts)
No progress on this one, but I have had an idea. Following on from my Wonder Weaver publications in 2013, I thought I might start a Patreon site with audio stories for young and old. I am just sitting with this at the moment as I have so much else to do.

Get my storytelling business into the press and drum up more business
The brochures should be arriving tomorrow and I received the translated letter from the lovely Anne. Very exciting.

Publicise my communication skills business and drum up some interest
No – see below.

Spend time every day building my knowledge of both business storytelling and performance storytelling by immersing myself in the resources available to me – books, videos, audio and so on
I spent time both with oral stories and with business stories today, and I have some ideas to do more with this tomorrow. On the business side of things I always seem to scupper myself, so need to think about this.

Do Pilates daily

Improve my German

Improve my limited Italian

Embrace body lotion
No. What is wrong with me?!

Create the perfect perfume for m!
No. Weekend!

Practice the 5 precepts daily – not to take life, not to take what is not given, not to speak unskillfully, not to consume intoxicants, not to engage in sexual misconduct (see Rev Kusala for a breakdown of these)
Speaking more skillfully – I’m being mindful of this, which I think helps. My beloved vino… let’s not talk about it.

Practice gratitude daily
I’m doing this in the mornings before I get up, in that time between sleepiness and wakefulness. The downside is that I doze off. The upside is that I am doing it.

Sing more!
Again, a few songs on the uke but I want to do more. I have a couple of audio downloads to help me work on scales etc., and I will pull them out today.

Thought for the day (obviously I aspire to do more than just owning a juicer)

Juicing has changed my life. I went from being overweight, to owning a juicer and being overweight…

—Author unknown


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