A 28-day Challenge – Day 2


Today I was musical! Let’s see how that worked out…

So how did day 2 pan out?

Lose 15kgs:
Juiced for breakfast, but having remembered a full batch of biltong curing in the cellar, I sort of fell of the juicing wagon. One thing that I know is that it’s important to always have all the ingredients I need for juicing to hand – no ingredients means that it’s really easy to find an excuse! Having said that, the juicing and extra water have made me feel better if not thinner.

Repaint my bicycle and ride it everywhere:
No one has the washers I need, but m! has a plan to see if we can ask a contact of his to make or fix the washer we currently have.

Play the ukulele for 15 minutes a day – maybe longer!
I actually spent closer to an hour on this and because the uke is such a wonderful instrument, the chords came back to me quickly. My biggest challenge is strumming correctly whilst changing chords but hopefully this will change with time.

Play the guitar for 15 minutes a day – maybe longer!
It took me a while to tune my poor guitar, but again, the basic chords came back to me pretty quickly. I have to play the two instruments separately as they have such a different sound…

Write daily – the aim being to complete, finally, the first draft of one of my ideas for a children’s book
Yes, but only for work, I fear.

Publish 2 or more podcasts a week (story podcasts)
No progress on this one.

Get my storytelling business into the press and drum up more business
I managed to get one of my videos published, and I shared it around a bit, which is something. The press aspect will take a few days more because I need to get my brochures.

Publicise my communication skills business and drum up some interest
No, I ran of out time on this one.

Spend time every day building my knowledge of both business storytelling and performance storytelling by immersing myself in the resources available to me – books, videos, audio and so on
Again more time spent on the oral storytelling side of things, for a programme with another storyteller called “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”.

Do Pilates daily

Improve my German
I had a good hour long conversation with someone about rooves and balconies and so on, but I need to do something more formal. I have the books, now just need to do the work.

Improve my limited Italian
Again, I need to give myself more formal rules here.

Embrace body lotion
A bit.

Create the perfect perfume for m!
No. Although in fairness, this is not a 15-minute job.

Practice the 5 precepts daily – not to take life, not to take what is not given, not to speak unskillfully, not to consume intoxicants, not to engage in sexual misconduct (see Rev Kusala for a breakdown of these)
Speaking more skillfully – I’m being mindful of this, which I think helps. My beloved vino… one glass.

Practice gratitude daily
I’m doing this in the mornings before I get up, in that time between sleepiness and wakefulness. The downside is that I doze off. The upside is that I am doing it.

Sing more!
Yes, with the uke, but I’d lke to do more.

Thought for the day

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a ukulele and that’s pretty close…

—Author unknown


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