Suzanne Whitby / storyteller, community builder, catalyst, entrepreneurSuzanne Whitby is a weird and wonderful blend of storyteller, writer, trainer, catalyst, community builder, social entrepreneur, creative, techie and speaker.

She is the founder of Frauen Power, a network that supports female entrepreneurs in Tirol; of Living Innsbruck, an emerging movement creating a resilient and sustainable Innsbruck through community; of Whitby’s Global, a specialist English-language communications consultancy with offices in London and Innsbruck; and of Stress-free WP, a WordPress consultancy in the UK. She can be found telling stories all over the world as Ziyadliwa.

Suzanne is passionate about making positive change happen – whether that means creating communities, telling uplifting and wise stories, starting projects that promote sustainability, or supporting and equipping phenomenal women with the tools they need to change the world, she’s out there, doing it.

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